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Our Partners

Our partners are existing nonprofit youth sport organizations that provided us with baseline data and critical information that will allow us to engage them and many others across Annapolis in strategically planning how we can best support their organization and others. They share in our vision for Annapolis that every child should enjoy the benefits of recreation and sports. 

Truxton Park Penguins 

Truxton Park Penguins_edited.jpg

The Penguin's MIssion as a swim team is to provide a healthy and inclusive community that inspires and builds strong, confident and resilient swimmers. We promote teamwork, diversity, unity and friendship for all swimmers and their families by taking pride in each other’s progress and accomplishments. 

Annapolis All Stars

All Stars.png

Annapolis All-Stars II, Inc. is focused on building our youth through athletics and mentoring. We not only build teamwork, but we teach values of accountability, leadership, sportsmanship, and unmatched work ethics in the classroom and on the playing fields. We work to build champions, but more importantly, we build character and confidence.

Annapolis Soccer Club (ASC)


Annapolis Soccer Club’s mission is to provide a soccer playing experience for the youth of the Annapolis area. The focus is on introductory and teaching levels for younger players and recreational level soccer for older player.

Tennis Alliance

tennis alliance.jpeg

The mission of the Tennis Alliance of Anne Arundel County is to advocate for a year-round home for tennis in Anne Arundel County and to promote tennis for life! The Tennis Alliance promotes programming on county courts for all ages and abilities to support health and wellness initiatives.



SMA Lacrosse and Field Hockey Association is committed to providing opportunity, education, and enjoyment of girl’s lacrosse and field hockey.  The motto of our organization is:  "All About the Girl"!

Navy Youth Hockey

navy hockey.jpeg

Navy Youth Hockey Association is dedicated to development of a lifelong love and passion for the game of hockey.  We teach hockey skills and teamwork to players of all ages and skill levels while building self-confidence, character, sportsmanship and citizenship in young men and women. 

Annapolis Youth Lacrosse (AYLA)


Focused on providing youth with the opportunity to compete at all levels of play. The Annapolis Youth Lacrosse Association was created in 1992 for the purpose of forming a centralized youth Lacrosse organization in the Annapolis area. 


Annapolis now has a Junior Wrestling League for Boys and Girls K - 8th Grade!  Wrestling is great exercise, builds self confidence, develops discipline & respect, and can be a competitive or non competitive environment for children.

Annapolis Junior Wrestling

Naval Academy Aquatics Club (Water Polo)


Navy AC Water Polo is the premier age group water polo club in the region. We are dedicated to providing excellent coaching, a positive team environment, and the opportunity to train in state-of-the-art facilities located within the United States Naval Academy.

Navy Junior Wrestling


The mission of the Navy Junior Wrestling Program is to build confidence and self esteem through respect, discipline, hard work, and good sportsmanship. We believe that young people learn a great deal from participation in athletics. 

Annapolis Striders Youth


The Annapolis Striders running club is a non-profit organization founded by runners and for runners of all ages and abilities. The Junior Striders program implements games and activities designed to encourage youngsters and build the stamina required for a one mile run; 4 loops around an athletic field track. 

PAL Annapolis


Our mission is to organize and develop highly competitive youth sports teams comprised of players from the Annapolis area.  We provide our players with dedicated coaching that will not only teach the physical aspects of the individual sport, but also a deeper understanding of how to safely play the game while maintaining high standards of excellence promoting good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for the individual.

General's Highway Athletic Association


Geneal’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 all-volunteer non-profit community organization focused on two objectives:

  • To provide group sporting activities for the children of those families living in the greater Annapolis and Crownsville areas; and

  • Environmentally maintaining and beautifying Anne Arundel County’s General Highway Corridor Park.

The Ballet Theatre of Maryland (BTM)


BTM's Conservatory of Dance is the only school in Maryland that offers a fully comprehensive ballet training program for the beginner student up to the professional dancer. Our focus on the healthy body aesthetic, healthy body types, and healthy mentoring is a hallmark of our school and company.

Ballet Theatre of Maryland is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access as it is essential to accomplish our mission and vision. Our goal is to make ballet accessible to all while attaining ever-higher levels of artistic excellence. 

Annapolis Junior Rowing (AJR)

Annapolis Junior Rowing

AJR’s mission is to use the sport of rowing as a vehicle to:

  • Teach responsibility, self-discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork;

  • Build self-esteem;

  • Encourage physical fitness; and

  • Pursue excellence in area youth.



Quickstix is most known for grassroots development in the Chesapeake Bay region and the many lacrosse opportunities it creates in the Annapolis area for girls eager to learn and play this fabulous sport! Our emphasis is on fun and fundamentals through coaching excellence that exists on hundreds of levels, all of which include gamesmanship. 

The Annapolis

Police Athletic League (PAL)

PAL Sheild.jpg

The Annapolis Police Athletic League (PAL) will adapt the vision and mission of providing a quality, safe environment for the youth of Annapolis. We will provide programs focused around athletics, educational and social development.  Our programs will create an understanding and appreciation of self-worth, community and character. 

Annapolis High School (AHS)

Sports Boosters

AHS Boosters.jpeg

The AHS Sports Boosters support student athletes, teams, coaches, faculty, and the entire AHS community. We work to raise awareness of our sports teams, provide concessions at sporting events, coordinate membership drives, and create opportunities for students to volunteer and raise money for their teams.

Become a Partner

 How does my organization participate? 

How can my organization benefit?

  • Be listed as a partner organization on our website

  • Network with other local sports organizations (share best practices & lessons learned)

  • Have a broader group advocating for your organizations’ issues

  • Gain financial support for your organization through the PlayAnnapolis’ future grant program (pending a short application process)

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