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Our Vision

A more diverse and inclusive community that improves the quality of life for ALL youth through recreation and sports.

Inspire collaboration, build resources and establish partnerships so ALL youth have access to recreation and sports year round.

Our Mission

Our Goals

Improve access and quality of facilities.

Eliminate barriers to recreational opportunities.

Build capacity and infrastructure to increase awareness.

Our Team 

We have gathered a team of Annapolis community leaders to start drafting our "Playbook".   We are calling this team the "Coalition Crew".  This crew will collaborate to draft our Mission, Vision, and Goals.  A community survey will be distributed to figure out what the needs really are and analyze those results into strategic initiatives.  Once we have a solid plan in place we will form a "Community Team" to further develop our Playbook - Common Agenda.  

The Coalition Crew

Our Story

Do you remember the feeling of walking out onto the field or court in your uniform with your team?  Do you remember what that pat on the back meant to you from your coach, teammate or instructor?  We do.  


PlayAnnapolis all started with three entrepreneurial moms who grew up in different states and had different recreational opportunities in their life.  But the one thing we all had in common was that recreation helped mold us into the women we are today!   We recognize the amazing role that recreation can play in shaping youth.  Who wouldn't want their child to be exposed to: Teamwork, Mentorship, Discipline, Friendship, Adversity, Physical & Mental Health Benefits, Commitment and Self Confidence?


We also saw there was a need for a shift in how recreation was being offered to the youth of Annapolis.  We are slowly losing access to local recreational opportunities in our city.  This isn't just happening in Annapolis but it is happening all across the US. 


The shift that is happening in Annapolis and across the country is recreation is becoming a consumer model or "Pay to Play".  What about the parents that can't afford to pay the high ticket price for their child to participate in a club sport or the parent who doesn't have a car to drive their child all across the county, state, country for games?   Recreation doesn't have to be hard to access.  That is what we are passionate about solving. 

We don't want youth missing the opportunity to receive the many benefits of recreation. As parents of kids that play multiple sports we see the need to increase access to sports and recreation for ALL the children in the City of Annapolis.   

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